Once we achieve a certain level of success, how do we scale our model to increase gains? The most important thing to realize is that content drives success. Regardless the quality of a design, eventually our market is going to dry up. To combat market saturation we need to continually be generating new designs. As soon as we have launched a campaign that is seeing success, or even if its unsuccessful, we need to be following our process to generate the next campaign. The more times we can replicate a successful campaign the easier it going to be to scale this model.

Up vs Out

Two ways to scale our business are “up” and “out.” To scale the business up we simply pump more money into our ads to increase their reach. In order to scale out we need to increase the audience base that our designs are relevant to. Either process is viable and is going to be chosen at the affiliates discretion. If your strength is in t-shirt design you may consider scaling out and if you strength is in marketing an affiliate may choose to scale up instead.

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