Pinterest can be a very powerful method for driving traffic to SunFrog affiliate links and shirt collections, but it has to be done correctly. Failing to adhere to certain guidelines risks failure and possible loss of Pinterest account(s).
Here are 6 quick tips to help get the ball rolling toward success.
Tip #1: Visit Pinterest daily to pin images, re-pin and like/comment on other people’s pins. The more interaction that is provided to other pinners, the more likely they will be to interact with other’s content. Engaging with other Pinterest users will enable us to find content for our boards and create an active community to push content.
Tip #2: The more appealing an image is, the greater chance it has of being re-pinned by other pinners. Each time images are re-pinned, there is opportunity to gain new followers and website traffic since more people will see them. Take note of which pins get re-pinned frequently and look for similar images to pin in the future. Also check out “popular” pins on Pinterest to see what makes a highly re-pinnable image.
Tip #3: Do not pin only merchandise, as this looks self-serving to other pinners and they will start to ignore pins. Create a variety of boards and disperse t-shirt designs on the appropriate niche board, or create a board for shirts supported by “content only” boards.
Tip #4: The best times of the day to pin are 10:00-12:00 and 21:00-01:00 EST. There are more Pinterest users online during these times, and engagement with content is much higher.
Tip #5: Create at least 10-12 boards with a minimum of 5-6 pins each before following other pinners. When pinners are followed, most of them will come and view the user that followed them, and naked boards are bad for business.
Tip #6: Make sure the top boards, those that get a lot of re-pins, appear in the top 2 or 3 rows of the profile page so that the best content is viewed first. Choose eye-catching images for board covers to increase the chances of gaining new followers. A little common courtesy goes a long way in building relationships with other Pinterest users, and it is those relationships that will build their trust and get them to actively re-pin.
Pinterest can be a highly profitable marketing method, but unlike with Facebook ads, traffic is not generated overnight. Pinterest has proven to be a better source of sustained, organic traffic than other social websites.

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Barry Richardson · July 10, 2015 at 12:40 pm

Pinterest is definitely a great place from which to generate traffic. I have had several sales through pins that link back to my sites.

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