Over the past few weeks we have been seeing great conversions with the website remodel and discounted shipping rates! Some of our affiliates have questions about Google Analytic tracking with the new website skin. The custom drill down commands are going to be a bit different, so we wanted to cover what the new commands are.

Thank You

Google Analytic will automatically compile data for the new destination URLs. Many of our affiliates, myself included, like to enter the custom command thankyou.cfm as a way to gauge conversions. The url for the tracking page has changed so affiliates will want to drill down to store/#thankYou instead.


The checkout commands will also need to be changed to match the new checkout URLs. By drilling down to both the checkout and thank you pages, affiliates can get an idea of what conversions look like for customers that click through their ads to the the checkout page. The new checkout commands are now split between credit card and paypal transactions.
Credit Card: store/#cc_checkOut
Paypal: PaypalCheckout/confirmation.cfm#pp_confirmation
With these direct commands it will be much easier to track your conversions on Google Analytic, and get a better feel for what is converting with your customer base.