Legal issues have had a bit of a negative light lately, so we wanted to reach out with some appealing information on the topic. SunFrog Shirts has recently experienced very rapid growth, and based on sheer design numbers is currently the largest t-shirt platform in the world! We would like to thank all of our artists and affiliates for the success that SunFrog has seen, and because of this success we are happy to announce the opportunity to partner with some major players.

Copyright and Trademark Guide

As many of our artists and affiliates can attest, copyright/trademark law can be hard to understand. As part of an upcoming update to our website, we will be providing more in depth information about copyright/trademark laws for our user base. Our legal department is putting together a guide that will be visible from the manager page. We believe that this will not only protect our affiliates/artists, but allow them to be more successful using our platform.

Licensing Partnerships

While putting together the legal information for our affiliates, it became clear that it would be much easier for everyone if we could land licensed product. We do not like shutting down our artists designs any more than they like having them removed from our platform. SunFrog has entered into negotiations with many different organizations including college and professional teams, celebrities and entertainment figures to name a few. Negotiations have been going very well, and we are confident SunFrog will be able to come away with the rights for fully licensed apparel. Before we proceed, we wanted our following to be the first to know, so that we may respond to any inquiries you may have on this topic.
Thank you again to our affiliates and artists for everything they have done, and continue to do, for us. We are looking forward to expanding into a new area of business and continuing to grow with all of you by our side!

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